On our last trip to Hawaii, my wife and I finally had it with our less-than-year-old Delsey luggage. After only a couple trips, the handle on my suitcase ripped off, and one of the wheels on my wife’s spinner trolley fell apart. Literally. I contacted Delsey to try take advantage of their warranty, and I couldn’t believe all the hoops we had to jump through just to try get a repair or replacement. I knew it was time to abandon Delsey and the large luggage companies and move to a company that could actually take care of its customers.

That’s when I found Away. I was initially quite skeptical of this company, despite all the positive reviews I found online. It was clear many bloggers and vloggers were giving this luggage lots of praise and then leveraging the company’s generous referral program to make for every new customer they sent to Away. Did they really like this luggage, or were they just trying to score some easy cash? I was so fed up with my experience with Delsey that I thought I’d give Away a try, and I’m glad I did.

As a former Delsey Helium Titanium suitcase owner, I can tell you the Away suitcase’s telescoping handle is a lot sturdier with far less wobble. It also rolls a bit smoother, which was quite surprising. Inside, I like how the Away divides one section with mesh instead of the Delsey’s opaque fabric. Not only does it let me see what I have packed, but it allows everything to breathe. I also liked the Away’s compression pad better than the Delsey’s compression straps. The straps worked okay on the Delsey, but on the Away the compression pad did a better job of distributing the force and sucking everything in.

The Away suitcase also includes a nice little laundry bag perfect for dirty clothes or even a wet bathing suit. This came in handy when we were flying from one island to other in the Bahamas with some still-soggy swimwear. I can confirm this little bag did its job, keeping the wet clothes perfectly isolated from everything else.

Finally, for those who appreciate color, you’re going to love the Away because it comes in a multitude of hues. Admittedly, most of the color options are a little drab (gray, black, beige, dark blue) and my wife is still waiting for them to introduce a suitcase in orange. But at least you get far more choices than the major brands like Delsey or Samsonite.

Away offers four suitcase sizes: two carry-ons and two checked bags. I haven’t purchased the smallest suitcase yet; instead, I opted for the bigger carry-on, which I found to be the perfect size for a week long vacation. My wife opted for the Medium, which gave her enough room for about 7 days, but she was adamant that if we went away for just one day longer, she would need the Large.

Both carry-on suitcases come equipped with a very handy battery tucked beneath the telescoping handle. At first I thought it was a little gimmicky, because external batteries like this are all over the place. However, I quickly grew to love this feature, simply because it gives me the perfect place to store my battery. I always know where it is, and don’t have to fumble through multiple pockets searching for a charger. I can confirm that one fully charged battery was able to charge my iPhone, my wife’s iPhone, and my iPad, with plenty of juice left for at least one more charge.

In the interest of full disclosure, if you go through my referral link and make a purchase from Away, you save $20 off your entire order and I get 20 bucks. If you found my review helpful, I of course would greatly appreciate the support. I’m pretty confident you’re going to love your Away suitcase. And if you don’t? No big deal. They offer a no-questions-asked 100-day return policy.

As for the warranty which Delsey seemed unable to honor, Away promises a lifetime warranty on everything. Our Away luggage was only used for one trip thus far, so we haven’t had a need to test the warranty process yet. Let’s hope we never have to, but I have a feeling this smaller company will be far more responsive and friendly than their larger competitors.

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